INZAG Germany GmbH is a construction company created in 2011 in order to meet the needs of developing economies with relevant infrastructure gaps, thus contributing for the economic and social development of their population.

Our investments are focused on infrastructure, water & sanitation, transportation and energy, and are focused on increasing German presence in Africa in the upcoming years.


INZAG Germany GmbH aims to support the development of high-growth countries around the world, offering its technical expertise, its commitment with the best quality of life and most importantly its network of suppliers in Germany.

It is this network of manufacturers of high-quality products, along with our experience in delivering structuring projects, that sets ourselves apart from the competition. Through delivering the best solutions adjusted to the needs of each client, we promote not only economic development, but also the welfare of millions of people.


INZAG Germany GmbH looks at the open future as an opportunity. Using qualified labor, building pioneering solutions and achieving the fulfillment of deadlines with quality. It intends to operate in a diversified manner in the public and private markets, at international level. One of its main characteristics is the continuous investment in the relationship with the client, understanding its needs and providing differentiated solutions.

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